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How to Get involved

Please follow these steps in your area......
1.    Pick a time In your area and a starting location for your parade
. July 9th @ 2 pm is suggested.
2.    Download the branding package to create any flags, stickers, or materials to identify as Indigo.
3.    Contact to let us provide you with a custom poster and so we can support you online with our many platforms.
4.    Reach out to other groups to get them involved and don't forget our LGBTQ++ families that stand against the indoctrination of our children.
5.    Establish a group for your community with Indigo branding.
6.    Encourage all participants to wear indigo on the day of the parade and support this initiative with profile changes and headers to the indigo logos.
7.    Share as much of your information on the various indigo social media including live streams and broadcasts.
8.    Encourage local teams to make loot bags or fun things for children.
9.    Please encourage all Indigo people to like and follow the social media platforms as we most likely will not have support from mainstream media.
10.  Make it as much fun and inclusive as possible. Extending the hand to all people who support the preservation of childhood and innocence


Thank you all for sharing the love of community + the desire for unity. We are all still in this together and we cannot forget the future of humanity.
Together we rise and segregated we fall.

Now let's put the heart back in this country!

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