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Cloudy Ocean

November 2021

November 20, 2021


World Wide Freedom Rally, St John's Newfoundland

We support the right to choose informed consent and stand behind the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We do not support the unethical criminal activities that are eroding Canada. We cannot support segregation, loss of freedoms, the rights to bodily autonomy or further overstepping of governance.

We will not participate in the criminal activity of our government and discriminate, incite violence, or promote hate speech. We are families that want to protect the future of our children by maintaining morals, values, and traditions.

Please remember the next time you see people in the cold standing together in unity, know that it isn't just their freedom they are fighting for, it is also yours.

Team Raven

Freedom Rally

November 11, 2021

The Ravens officially gathered for motorcade freedom drive through the city. Dozens of people attended the convoy despite the rain, sleet, and wind being hammered down on the city.

This motorcade honored the fallen on Remembrance Day, as the newly popular quote floated around social media "If you show your papers to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony, you've already forgotten". News later broke about a 99-year-old WW2 veteran from Newfoundland being denied access to the veteran's ceremony as she was not vaccinated. The events were moved indoors due to weather and vaccine passports were being implemented.

Further news developed about the local Farmers Market in St.John's now requiring the vaccine passport to enter the facililty. Although they are deemed an essential service, the choice was made to require proof of vaccination upon entering - further restricting the rights and privileges of those who have not been vaccinated.

November 3, 2021

Ongoing cyberattacks happening in Newfoundland & Labrador. Hospitals and healthcare systems are compromised. Critical care appointments are canceled.

A new style of a pandemic?

Healthcare collapse.

Was it avoidable?

Credible insider authorities of the Provinces' health department state that the newly implemented VaxPass acted as a portal for the cyberattack to occur.


Investigations are already underway against the VaxPass. Now, nearly half a million people are at risk of medical data breaches as a result of the VaxPass implementation.

Will this obstructively lead to the denial of health services to those who did not comply with original mandates?  Stranger things have happened since 2020.

We see their moves.



October 29, 2021

Extortion claim catches wind across Canada. Successful investigations have begun in the provinces of P.E.I., New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Four new Ravens are added to the fight against the coordinated unkindness of provincial governments towards the people they serve.

Five more Ravens heard the call.


October 22, 2021

The People of Newfoundland & Labrador launch criminal extortion complaints against their provincial government for the implementation of illegal vaccination passports. What the media portrayed as a few dozen, resulted in 1,200 (and counting) citizens agreeing that the government has overstepped.

This is the first wave.

Little do they know, a tsunami is coming.

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